Santa Lawyer contest: Day 13!

We are feeling the holiday spirit over at Comet Prancer Rudolph and Claus, LLP. All these votes are making us feel warm and fuzzy, so keep them coming! Here’s the update, with just 10 days left to get your votes in:

  • 1 bonus point added to the previous vote for NEON, for being listed on the CRC list (for being listed by the Charities Review Council as an org meeting their standards of accountability) plus 1 more vote and bonus point
  • Urban Boatbuilders – 1 vote plus 1 bonus point
  • Charities Review Council – 1 vote
  • One Heartland – 2 votes plus 1 bonus point for a festive picture
  • Red Ribbon Ride – 3 votes plus 2 bonus points for festive pictures
  • Farmers Legal Action Group – 1 vote

So if you’re following along, this puts Red Ribbon Ride MN in the lead with 6 total points, thanks to our new rule: added bonus point for festive pictures included with your tweet/vote! In second we have NEON with 4 total votes, One Heartland in third with 3.

Keep voting, keep posting awesome festive pictures, and tell your friends to get in on this contest!