Santa Lawyer Contest Success Story!

What a contest! Now that the dust has settled, we wanted to thank everyone for their participation in the 2017 Santa Lawyer Contest. In particular, we were filled with warm, fuzzy, holiday feelings seeing the enthusiasm from the folks who ran away with the contest this year: Lincoln Park Child & Families Collaborative.

We heard from Executive Director Jodi Broadwell that the donation from Rubric Legal (and the bonus personal donation from Santa Lawyer) was much-needed for their organization:

“This year we raised enough money to purchase 11 Chromebooks and 4 tablets for the children and families that we serve. The kids have access to Chromebooks at school, but are not allowed to take them home so for many kiddos, especially those who do not have a computer at home, they end up falling behind in school due to this disconnect. With the donation from Santa Lawyer, we were able to purchase 4 of the Chromebooks.”

We are already looking forward to the 2018 Santa Lawyer Contest! Happy New Year from the Santa Lawyer team!