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Comet Prancer Rudolph and Claus, LLP is a jolly little law firm* based near the North Pole in Minneapolis, MN.  Santa Lawyer, also known as Santa Claus, is coming to town riding a newfangled reindeer, Triumph the Black Bonneville.  Every holiday season, Santa Lawyer crowd sources the nicest charity of all to receive a special holiday present.  When not rocking around the secular Christmas tree, Santa is a lawyer for nonprofits and tax exempt organizations and helps them to jingle, jingle all the way.

*Obligatory Lawyer Disclaimer: Comet Prancer Rudolph and Claus, LLP and santalawyer.com are projects of Rubric Legal LLC.  Alas, Comet Prancer Rudolph and Claus, LLP is not a real firm and is not authorized to practice law in the North Pole or anywhere else. Santa Lawyer does not provide legal advice via this firm and nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice, practical advice, impractical advice, or even a friendly suggestion.